Matrix Metrology: Our Capabilities Exceed the Boundaries of Space!

Matrix metrology utilizes the latest technology—laser trackers, motorized total stations, laser scanners and photogrammetry cameras—along with the most powerful metrology and CAD software to complete projects from start to finish.

Comprehensive service is our goal

Dimensional Inspection

Reverse Engineering

3D Laser Scanning

Tool, Jig, and Fixture Building, Verification, & Certification

CAD to Part Inspection and Analysis

Bearing/Bore Alignment


Complex Pipe Fitting and Cutting

In-process Inspection

Field Machining

Spatial Analyzer—the Premier Metrology Software

SA is a highly flexible, instrument-independent, traceable 3D graphical software platform that makes it easy for users to: inspect parts, build, analyze data, report, reverse design.

Real time inspection using multiple instruments to inspect all features simultaneously

Generated CAD models can demonstrate a high degree of accuracy in functional relationships between parts.

Part inspection using programmed GD&T for instant pass/fail data.

Laser scanning of historic building using scanner and tracker in unison.

In process view as a functional CAD model of this helicopter is built.

Vector graphical view of actual to nominal deviation

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